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Sportsland Activity Farms

A lifestyle that combines leisure with an active life. Relax, revitalize, revive and manifest positivism at these mesmerising and spacious luxury farmhouses in noida

Sportsland Farm is a rustic-style eco-farm project 5 minutes from the Noida Expressway that focuses on new-age agriculture and the propagation of a healthy and sustainable lifestyle to future generations. Our primary belief is that sustainable development is the best way to give back to the environment and leave a better world for the next generations.

Infusing innovation into ecological and sustainable living.

We believe in staying true to our heritage while also understanding the need to evolve, which is why Sportsland Farms provides enormous 5,000 Sq.Yards to 50,000 Sq.Yards farmhouses and country cottages. These farmhomes feature modular eco-cottages, private pools, fruit orchards, edible landscaping, drip irrigation, solar power plants, bio-composting, organic farming, and a lot more. You will also wake up to the sound of birds chirping outside your cottage, breathe clean, fresh air in the shadow of nature, and eat organic cuisine grown locally.

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Our Ethos

We recognize the need for change but also believe in the value of being traditional and entrenched in our roots . As a corollary, we adhere to it in all of our initiatives. We take pleasure in being organic, inventive, and impressive in our efforts to revitalize nature and the surrounding environment. We are concerned about environmental challenges. Therefore, we encourage our eager nature enthusiasts to produce healthful, ethical, and ecologically sustainable products to give back to Motherland by promoting the ideals of responsibility and stewardship in restoring nature to its natural form.


Leaving a Legacy

Often, our legacy surpasses our inheritance. So, we at Sportsland Farm House Noida wish to bestow the gift of nature to our future generations so that they can enjoy every bit of nature's value. As a corollary, we place a lot of emphasis on all of our agricultural activities and employ natural and chemical-free ways to preserve soil fertility and natural harmony.

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Adopting an Organic Approach to everything

It is high time to ponder about lightening our burden on our planet since we have wreaked havoc on it for endless years for selfish reasons. We treat nature as our priority and take all organic measures seriously and genuinely at Sportsland Noida so that you feel in heaven.

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Adhere to the Fundamentals

Our mission is to be changemakers and show how a tiny impact can make a huge difference. A never-ending quest for inventiveness led us to create an agricultural model that collects power from precipitation while minimizing water waste.

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Productivity and Long-term Viability

We are distinct in the way we operate and think. Our relentless quest for ingenuity has led us to develop a 100% self-sufficient agricultural model that reduces water consumption, gathers rainwater, and generates power using solar panels. 

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Pet's Paradise

We believe in nature's harmony, which is only possible if we value and respect all creatures in our environment. Our farms welcome pets and provide a safe and secure environment for them.

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Lower your Carbon Footprint

We are thoughtful and sensitive; we continually think outside the box and do everything with care. Reducing our carbon footprint is the same as reducing the consequences of our activities. To do this, we demonstrate a fusion of cultural and scientific approaches. The food is prepared using traditional clay pots and biofuels, and the farm has a "no automobiles" and "no tangibles" philosophy.

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Fun Factors

There are numerous pursuits that will reconnect you with nature and make your mundane days more meaningful.

Grow Your Own Green

Now that you've been graced with nature's richness, why not take use of it? Dwell yourself into organic farming and eat fresh veggies and fruits right there on your table. You can grow crops such as corn, wheat, soybeans, fruits, and vegetables or raise livestock such as cattle, ducks, sheep, chickens, etc without anybody’s intervention

Equestrian Activities

With plenty of accessible acres, you may now live like a king while fulfilling your ambition to raise horses and learn a new talent.

Nurture in Nature

Take advantage of the picturesque surroundings and unwind in the natural landscape and lush richness that surrounds you.

Play in Peace with Your Pets

You no longer have to be concerned about what others will say about your pets since you are free to spend time, roam, and remain idle for hours with your pets beneath the clear sun without any hassle.


24x7 Multi-Activity Agricultural Complex, Spread Over in 5 Acres

98% Open & Green space for living, along with a 2,00,000 square feet Multi Activity Agricultural Complex.

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Sportsland Farms
Unit Sizes and Price

1008 Sq. Yards

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2016 Sq. Yards

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3024 Sq. Yards

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4032 Sq. Yards

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5040 Sq. Yards

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10080 Sq. Yards

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Sector 151, Noida

Located on Noida Expressway and near to greenest sector of Delhi/NCR is Sector-150 Sportsland farms has excellent connectivity and state-of-the-art infrastructure within its vicinity. You will always be well-connected to every important place including the National Highway, Airport and Metro Station.

luxury farm house for sale

Upcoming Golf Course - 1 km

90 acres set aside by Noida Authority
luxury farm house for sale

Sector 150 - 1 km

More than 15 Projects/5000 Flats
cheap farm house for sale

Yamuna Expressway - 4.5 km

6 Lane, 165 Kms long to Agra/Lucknow
luxury farm house for sale

Metro Station - 0.8 km

Operational Metro Station Sector 148
2 acre Farm house for sale

Jewar Airport - 35 km

Asia's Biggest Airport, Operational by 2024
1 acre Farm house for sale

Upcoming Filmcity - 10 km

Coming soon in Yamuna Expressway
The Best Infrastructure Nearby
sportsland farm land noida
  • Urbtech NPX
  • The Great Venice Mall
  • Lotus Green Broadwalk
  • Stellar Business Park
sportsland farmhouses for sale
  • Jaypee Hospital
  • Kailash Hospital
  • Max Multi Speciality Hospital
  • yatharth hospital
sportsland noida farms
  • Amity University
  • Galgotias University
  • Gautam Buddha University
  • Noida IntL. University
sportsland noida expressway
  • Multi-National Companies
  • SEZ Sector 144
  • SEZ Sector 135
  • TATA IT Park

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